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Contains a variety of information relevant to current topics in dispute resolution and ethics guidelines.

Dispute Resolution Board Foundation

Includes links to past issues of the Forum, and the DRBF Practices and Procedures Manual

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (formerly, NASD).  

Association for Conflict Resolution. Organization of ADR professionals.


Transportation Research Board

Massachusetts Appellate Court Decisions





What Role Should Lawyer's Play in the Dispute Review Board Process?, 10 DRB Forum, Issue 1, Jan. 2006


'End of the Contract Claims':  Tips for Handling Complex Claims Before DRBs, 10 DRB Forum, Issue 4, Nov. 2006

The Use of ‘Adjudication DRBs’ Where Parties Are Subject To Adjudication Or Arbitration Processes, 11 DRB Forum, Issue 4, Nov. 2007

Mediators as Settlement Process Chaperones:  A New Approach to Resolving Complex, Multi-Party Disputes, ADR Quarterly, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Michigan, July 2008

The Role of Dispute Review Boards in Dispute Prevention, 13 DRB Forum, Feb. 2009

The Potential Use of Dispute Review Boards (DRBs) Outside the Construction Industry, 13 DRB Forum, May 2009

Resolving Megaproject Claims:  Lessons From Boston's "Big Dig," 30 Construction Lawyer, No. 2 (Spring 2010) 

To Admit or Not to Admit DRB Recommendations: That is the Question, 14 DRB Forum, Nov. 2010

Dispute Review Boards (DRBs): Real Time Avoidance and Resolution of Disputes, www.drb.org (unpublished monograph)

The Potential Use of DRBs on Public Private Partnership Projects, 15 DRB Forum, May 2011

The Hong Kong Dispute Resolution Advisor:  An Alternative to Conventional Dispute Review Boards?, 15 DRB Forum, Nov. 2011

Dispute Adjudication Boards and Dispute Review Boards: Comparison and Commentary, 16 DRB Forum, Feb. 2012

Optimizing the Use of DRBs on Construction Manager/General Contractor and Design Build Projects, 16 DRB Forum, Aug. 2012

Optimizing the Use of Partnering and DRBs on Projects, 17 DRB Forum, March 2013

Optimizing the Use of Partnering and DRBs on Projects: User Agency Experience, 17 DRB Forum, June 2013

Manage Claims Proactively To Reduce Costs, Business Insurance (2011).

How and Why the Standing Neutral Dispute Prevention and Resolution Technique Can Be Applied, Alternatives (2011).

Alignment Partnering: A Bridge to ADR Processes?, Journal of Legal Affairs & Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction (May 2013). 

How Can Trade Contractors Go "Lean? , The Professional Contractor, Fall/Summer 2010

The Real Meaning of "Prompt" in the Prompt Pay Law , High Profile Monthly April 2011


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